Our Services

Our goal is to serve as your partner in technology, with a focus on improving and maintaining a highly productive and efficient work environment.

Langdon Technical, provides Network Infrastructure​ solutions

Network Infrastructure

On-premise and in the cloud, the integrity of your infrastructure is essential for your business to survive and how these environments are integrated is critical to ensuring a maximum return on your investments.

Langdon Technical, provides Security & Compliance​ solutions

Security & Compliance

Whether you have general concerns or a required HIPAA, PCI, SOC, FFIEC or other compliance standard, we can work with you and your auditors to ensure that you’re covered.

Langdon Technical, provides Design Workflow​ solutions

Design Workflows

We have a strong aptitude for AEC and other design workflows, where your unique and complex workflows are lost on other IT providers. From pre-design to construction, we know how your projects move — and how data moves within those projects — to streamline your workflows from inception to delivery.

Langdon Technical, Creative IT

Our Tech Stack

We work with some of the best in the business! Combining best-in-class technology along with our comprehensive managed services will ensure the most advanced features, optimal performance, and smooth IT operations.

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